Sitting on hold for over 35 minutes waiting for the NRA member line to let me speak with someone to set up the automated payment for my life membership.
Tips for NRA:

  • The left already believes gun owners are a bunch of stupid hillbillies, let’s not perpetuate that stereotype by having some guy that doesn’t read smoothly give the same info over and over while on hold. Each time the recording repeats the poor reading is accentuated further.
  • If you have a member calling in to pay money to you, don’t make them wait 35 minutes to do so.
    Stop with the free gifts for joining. If someone believes in the principles the NRA stands for, they will join whether you bribe them or not. The free gifts actually have a negative effect on your members. In my case you offered a pocket knife for joining. In the photo it appears substantial and handsome, plus it’s emblazoned with the NRA logo! It took months for the “gift” to arrive (I had actually forgotten about it). I saw what was in the package and my thought was, “Wow, that’s a lot smaller than they made it look.” But not a big deal, right? Then I got to the plan brown box in the envelope and what did I see, a white stick with “Made in China” on it… Really, you market to patriots and then send Made in China gifts???? Then there’s the knife itself, not just small, its rattling junk, right down to your logo. The NRA logo is faded in appearance. Not impressive. SAVE THE MONEY AND USE IT TO FIGHT.
  • Stop wasting money on mailing letters begging for more cash or trying to fool your members that it’s time to renew the membership only 5 months into the current membership. If you stop wasting the money on mailings and gifts you wouldn’t need to ask so much.
  • If you want to make extra money sell quality items with your logo. Follow the same business rules everyone else does. Don’t try to sell 1 overpriced item to a sucker. Sell a lot of reasonably priced items to everyone and make the profit on volume.
  • Get creative, let’s start fighting things like the loss of reciprocity for concealed carry permits in VA by offering free classes to satisfy requirements for the most difficult permits in the us, I.E. Utah. The attorney general of VA used the argument that other states didn’t have requirements as strict as VA to get a concealed permit to justify the dropping 25 states from the reciprocity list. (This coming from a state that will give you a permit if you have had a hunting license because at some point that means you must have had a hunter safety class.) This is good will people will appreciate.
  • Get creative, what about getting a friendly congressman to sponsor a liberal sounding bill that could work to our benefit? I was thinking, liberals love education bills. Did you know a teacher must be licensed by the state they want to teach within? So if you have a licensed teacher in North Carolina, they can’t continue that profession when they move to Virginia unless they get a VA license. Well that’s awful. We should have a law that requires any license or permit given to an individual by any state be recognized and supported by all states, nationwide. That way the teacher can pursue their profession anywhere in the USA. (Oh and by the way now CHP’s will be good anywhere nationwide.) Backdoor this stuff. The left does it to us all the time.

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