Surviving Doomsday: A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster

by Richard Duarte

I made first contact with Richard Duarte on Twitter when he followed my feed. I said hello and told him we had reviewed pertinent books in the past and would look at his if he would like. The author responded with such kindness and offered to give away signed copies and t-shirts to my readers if I liked the book. Honestly, after the fact I forgot the conversation. Then one day, I got a box from a law office in Florida. I nervously opened the package and to my great relief I found the books and t-shirts inside.

I took the time to sit down and start reading Surviving Doomsday and found the author’s personal story interesting and somewhat troubling. After that I got into the chapters on preparedness and couldn’t put the book down. I’ve seen a lot of prepper material since I started Gun Carry Reviews LLC. but this was different. This was the first time I had seen such material coming from a realistic viewpoint with thoughtful content. There is no worry of a zombie apocalypse or a sharknado in these pages. There is instead simple talk about a storm that takes out power and services for days or weeks at a time. This book discusses tragedy that happens in our home and our time. Situations like Katrina are the model of a worst case scenario and we all remember it happening and thank god we weren’t there at the time.

In Surviving Doomsday, you will learn how to assess your needs to survive for the time it takes to get services restored. You will see why many assumptions you may make are unrealistic and irresponsible. You will learn ways to protect yourself. How to decide whether to bug in or bug out. Where you can find the essentials you need to survive. The purpose of the book is to change how you think and it succeeds. I think it’s a brilliant read for the head of every household. You need to know how to keep your family alive in an emergency. I will equate reading this book to getting CPR certification or owning a fire extinguisher, you may neverneed it but there is a very real chance it could save your life or that of a loved one.



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