Aker Comfort Flex 101 shoulder holster system (MSRP $131.50) – @JeepChick75

Aker has been making fine gun leather for over 25 years now and while you may not have seen them in your local shop they are the first choice for the California Highway Patrol, U.S. Customs and Border Protection; NCIS, FBI Academy, Honolulu PD, U.S. Navy, the U.S. Postal Service, the Los Angeles Police Dept. and the San Francisco Police Dept.   With that kind of professional backing it’s hard to question what they produce.  I had the pleasure of testing out the comfort flex system for my Colt combat commander .45 and what I found was surprising.  First, I am a big man and as such a shoulder holster is never my first choice for comfort.  However, the comfort-flex is without a doubt the most comfortable and usable shoulder rig I have ever worn.  I always assumed the diagonal hang of the holster (much like that found in the Galco jackass rig) would make the draw more difficult for me.  In actuality, it balanced the substantial weight of my 1911 very well and provided a slight cant that would reduce printing by lessening the front to back footprint of larger weapons.  As for quality, the sample I received was beautiful, supple, black leather with a smooth top finish and a suede like inner surface to provide a bit of grip where you want it while not dragging on your jacket.  The fit on my weapon was superb and I have no complaints.  I experimented in a variety of ways with this holster.  I wore it every day for approximately one month so that I could form a solid opinion.  I tried the holster on other individuals of both sexes and everyone agrees it wears comfortably like a vest and less like a harness.  I compared this system side by side with the Galco Miami Lite rig and began adjusting the Galco to try and make it fit more like the Aker.  You will have to take the time to fit the holster to you but it is FULLY adjustable and in the end you will not find a better shoulder holster anywhere.  Order one at www.akerleather.com .


3 thoughts on “Aker Comfort Flex 101 Shoulder Holster System”
  1. Hiding your weapon from the public eye is very important. A shoulder holster is a good option for weapon concealment. Thanks for this wonderful review of shoulder holsters.

  2. No doubt about it, Aker holster are very high quality. I have a Flat sider with a thumb break for my glock 19 and is very comfortable. Took a bit to get it broke in, but now fits, draws and holds close to the body very well. Im now debating about the comfort flex for my glock 30 and a Springfield Range Officer. Ive heard their costomer service dept really sucks but with the quality they have I cant see where you’d even need to contact them…

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