Aker Leather 76 IWB Patriot: (MSRP $79.50 ) – @Rbryanchurch

When I received this holster the quality of the Aker product was obvious. I have become so used to the quality they produce it takes more to impress me these days. This holster is extremely comfortable. Being a bigger guy an IWB holster is always a risk for me. With the thickness of the leather I was worried it would take up too much room in the pants. I wear the CompTac MTAC most days and while the Aker was thicker in appearance it was actually more comfortable. That’s saying a lot!
Regardless you see it is of very high quality workmanship. The finish is flawless. The double stitching is perfect. The thickness of the leather coupled with the perfect molding for your gun is pure beauty. The snap off feature is very practical. This allows you to remove the entire holster without removing your belt. For the everyday Joe it means it’s easier to leave your rig in the parking lot before you walk into the office. The snap loops are made for a 1.5 inch belt but my 1.75 inches went through snugly. No new leather creak or break in period in this product. As with the last Aker the large sweatguard on this holster protected my gun from me and vise versa. Another great experience with Aker leather.


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