Aker Leather Flatsider XR7 Shoulder Holster (MSRP $175.00)

Man or woman, big or small if you regularly carry a gun you’ve thought about buying a quality shoulder holster. Why is it you don’t use one? Maybe you bought some nylon disaster and think there is no way a shoulder holster can be comfortable. Maybe you haven’t bought one for fear on the expense with an unknown carry method and you can’t afford to pick the wrong one. Rest assured the Aker Leather shoulder holsters won’t leave you wanting. We previously examined the Comfort Flex 101 and loved it. This time it’s the Flatsider XR7.

After the success Aker had with the Flatsider line of IWB and OWB holsters it was time for them to try the design on a shoulder rig and it is flawless. All the same strap design was used for the harness itself, leaving a rig that is endlessly adjustable and comfortable for daily wear. The same holster can be perfectly fitted to a lady size 4 or a men’s size 4xl thanks to 8 front and 13 back adjustment holes on each side. That’s quite a range!

The 4 way pivot found on both shoulder holsters is the key to comfortable wear.

The off side sports a finely finished double magazine carrier with tension adjustment and the option for an add-on tie down.IMG_4881

The jewel of the rig lies on the other side however, the Flatsider holster itself. The holster is superbly fitted, double stitched and like its belt riding brothers offers tension adjustment. The holster is hung in a traditional horizontal pose and balances well enough that the optional tie down won’t need to be purchased.

The Horizontal hang of the XR7 [top] vs the canted design of the 101 [bottom]

The design of the Flatsider leads to a holster side that seems more contoured, close and comfortable against the body. While some may argue this design could print slightly more than other holsters I would argue the overall width seems slightly less and it would, as such, be a wash.

Notice the "Flat Side" of the XR7 and keep in mind the 101 is for a 1911 with a thinner profile.

Overall, the XR7 provides a level of class rarely seen on the market today. If you wear a jacket regularly or are in a situation that puts you seated behind the wheel more often than you would like to admit, a good comfortable shoulder holster is a great choice of carry option.  Aker’s offerings would be at the top of my list.






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