Alien Gear Holsters CloakTuck 2.0

When we were finishing up the review for the Alien Gear Holsters CloakTuck several months ago, the company introduced a new holster dubbed the CloakTuck 2.0.  They had expanded the modular selection to include a new neoprene backing and as they claimed a new level of comfort.

When the CloakTuck 2.o arrived for me to test I must say my first impression was one of skepticism.  The new backing looked too thin to be durable. But as with all testing time will tell.  So I removed the XDM shell from my CloakTuck and added it to the CloakTuck 2.0.  Good news, everything fit like a charm with no difficulty at all.  So, test one complete, the holster parts are indeed interchangeable as advertised. IMG_4330

The next item on the list was wear and usage, a lot of it.  So I wore this holster for well over my usual 30 days of daily use. In fact I would guess at about three times my usual time frame. What I found was a pleasant surprise.  The neoprene backing held up fantastically well. The flexibility of the material allows the backing to conform to the gun without imprinting so the feel and draw is the same from gun to gun.  By the way, yes, it does provide a nice level of flexible comfort.  IMG_4328

As for the function of the holster, I would say it is about as good as it’s predecessor. The CloakTucks are both a good go to for a tuckable concealed carry option.  On my larger frame it’s comfortable, easily hidden, very adjustable with a good draw.  At this point, Alien Gear offers many options for belt hooks including simple metal, flexible plastic, C hooks, J hooks and leather loops. I would warn that consideration of your belt is needed when making this decision.  The standard metal, plastic and J hooks will accommodate a wide variety of belts, however, the C hooks and the leather loops may be a little tight for wide and thick belt options, I.E. the TUFF Ranger Belt at 1.5 inches of thick double webbing is a bit more than these options can handle.IMG_4340

I have seen a recent negative review on this holster and I would like to take a moment to address some of the concerns that were raised. The first thing that was said was criticizing the “pleather” front of the CloakTuck 2.0.  Well, when I saw it I never thought “pleather” or leather.  I simply thought it was nice they took time to texture the covering of the neoprene.  I am not sure what anyone really expects to get at this price point and I think Alien Gear did a great job.  The other issue raised my be a little more valid.  The claim was that the width of the shell makes the holster too wide and rigid to work with the contours of the body and properly hide your weapon.  I am a big fella so the concealability and working with my contours are no problem for me.  It did make me ask myself about thinner CCW folk.  Last time I had a close friend try the CloakTuck and he liked it fine.  This time I had a couple of very thin friends try it out.  What I found was on a VERY thin female the wide shell can be an issue and cause printing.  On her slightly larger boyfriend the holster was fine but his athletic cut t-shirt wasn’t.  IMG_4335In the end I would say for most people the CloakTucks will be just fine and get the job done in comfort without breaking the bank. Also we must remember the width of the shell is set so that the shells can be interchangeable from a full sized HK down to a Kahr PM.  The only negative I have on the CloakTuck 2.0 is that the soft flexible neoprene sweatguard folds over a little when the holster is empty because it’s not strong enough to hold back my fat roll, thus re-holstering takes a second longer.  On the other hand, if it was strong enough it would likely be less comfortable.

Again I am shocked by all you get for the rock bottom prices offered by Alien Gear Holsters and remember the iron-clad triple guarantee; 30 days to test, free trades for life and FOREVER WARRANTY.



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