Century arms, best known for a wide world of AK variants has become the importer for the new Canik TP9 from Turkey.canik on range

I got a chance to get hands on with the weapon at SHOTShow range day.

The TP9 is an interesting design. It’s a polymer framed single action 9mm. It’s got an adjustable backstrap and a great quick trigger reset. The oddity is the pistol has a decocker, on a single action. It was sold as an added safety feature but even the rep on the line admits it’s a little different.canik on range 2

Now let’s talk shooting, it’s not a custom race gun but for the price point it is a real gem. The gun is pretty accurate from what I can see with my short time with it. The trigger is decent and the short reset is very nice. The Canik is comfortable in the hand and would serve well as an EDC handgun so long as are ok carrying a nearly full sized sidearm. The gun had been shot all day and I saw no malfunction or failures of any kind.Canick shot
On top of a quality firearm the Canik TP9 cost also buys you a set of accessories similar to the gear Springfield offers with the XDS; you get holster with belt and paddle attachments, loader assist and extra magazine included. All this for $400 is pretty impressive. This is the type of competition we need on the market to force the manufacturers to offer more for less. accessoriesI’m impressed so far, let’s see if I can get more time with one.



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