Colt Combat Commander Series 80 1911 .45 ACP

The classic 1911 platform with a slightly reduced barrel length of 4.25”. This is the original CCW semi-auto pistol. We all love this gun; there’s a reason it’s been around for over 100 years now! So what does the novice shooter need to know about this gun? Remember you are working with old technology. This is an all steel weapon that is heavy for every day carry. It has a limited capacity magazine usually 8 rounds. For people like me, with small hands, it may feel like a very large girp that is less comfortable in your hands than many of today’s options. Until recently it was impossible to find a model of 1911 with an equipment rail. All that being said, there are many reasons why this is still the go to gun after all this time. First, because this weapon is so popular and has been around so long it is supremely customizable for a reasonable price. If you want something for this gun you can buy it anywhere without spending too much. The grip size issue is easily fixed for me with a Hogue finger groove grip. The gun may not hold too many rounds but what it has it delivers with amazing accuracy right out of the box. Most importantly, it’s reliable. This gun never jams and happily eats away at even the worst reloads. When you pull the trigger it always goes bang. No soft hits like on a striker fired gun. If you know you are going into a bad situation, this is your go-to sidearm.




One thought on “Colt Combat Commander Series 80 1911 .45 ACP”
  1. The Combat Commander 45 is a honey, especially for good solid shoulder rig. Good for defense and carry in the woods w a warm cartridge.(and even a snake load).

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