Much of what I write about is expensive or highly technical or at times the height of innovation, but there is one other aspect of products that I look for, at times it’s the most important of them all.  I look for items that are down right useful.  Colter Co. has released a pair of bandanas that fit the bill just in time to make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite prepper or EDC enthusiast.  Who can argue with making your bandana into a multi-tool? Bandanas are already a favored item in the hiking or bug out bag.  They can keep the sweat out of your eyes, bandage a wound, become a bindle to carry berries etc. or even be a step in water filtration.  Now the Colter Co. has a “Stargazer” bandana and a “Know Your Knots” bandana.

This isn’t rocket science but it’s a great idea.  The Stargazer bandana is a star chart of the night sky.stargazer If you find yourself lost at night in the wilderness you need to navigate by stars to find a simple direction.  Like most I simply look for the north star to get oriented.  But you may not be able to see that beacon in your location because of a very narrow view of the sky.  Now what?  A star chart would be a godsend and with this option you aren’t adding to what you’re carrying, instead you are just upgrading what you already had in your pack.  Just when you thought it wouldn’t get any better, the chart glows in the dark.  stargazer-glow

If you have kept up with me for any time at all, you know I tie a lot of paracord.  Each time I have a break in my tying for any actual length of time I have to refresh myself on the knot I am tying.  That’s how it is with knots I use on a regular basis (many of which are made to come apart easily).  God help me when I have to try to figure out a knot I don’t often use.  That’s were the Know Your Knots bandana comes into play.knots It’s a ready made quick reference guide for common useful knots you could use anywhere.  knots2This is another great idea for a bug out bag but could also be exceedingly useful anywhere.  This is a great EDC addition to replace your current bandana or handkerchief.

I love both of these bandanas, there’s something great about a really good simple idea.  I salute you Colter Co.

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