Glow-On super phosphorescent paint

As stated this is no new product to me as I have used it for years now. This product makes a great low cost alternative to spending $100 on night sites for a single weapon. Instead, for around $10 you can enhance the sights of around 15 firearms. With a quick charge from the sun or any handy light source your sights will glow with insane intensity for a short time and dimly for several hours. This makes the perfect pairing for you tactical light FBI hold. You can use your light but still clearly see your sights. The paint comes in a multitude of colors including Original, Blue, Aqua, Orange, Yellow and Red. Each color’s glow is ranked by brightness on the Glow-On webpage. Original is 10/10 with Aqua a close second at 9/10. After testing with all of the colors I recommend using Aqua dots for your back site and Original on the front. Both of these colors appear white in normal light thus making for the fastest sight acquisition in daylight by providing excellent contrast to the sight material. In glow state your rear sight will show blue with the front showing green. This contrast allows for proper aim even in the darkest situations. All in all you can’t go wrong adding this to your collection and with such low cost why wouldn’t you?
I was also provided with self adhesive glow on sheets. Boy do they pick up the light. I simply leave mine on the night stand and lay my pistol on the at bedtime. No need to charge them the ambient light is enough to guide me to the bed each night and allow me to see my pistol through the night. Of course the uses for these items are many and varied but I like what I’ve done with them. I highly recommend these products. Especially the color combinations I have recommended above. Get yours at



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  1. I have used for a while as well. It’s also good for night fishing. I put some on the cooler, the worms and the pole tips. Great review. It’s simple and concise.

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