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This product is a program available for your desktop or mobile device.  My original expectation was to find a simple program to track my firearms and serial numbers for insurance purposes.  What I found was so much more.  Yes, the program tracks the data I expected, but it also tracks accessories, reloading, ammunition brands, round counts, range time, purchase and sale information, photos, inventory control, etc.
The first question on my mind was where is the data stored? As it turns out, everything stays on your computer. There is no online or server storage of your firearm information.  With today’s security problems this was a major plus for me. The program allows you to backup your information to any location you choose and allows you to export your information to your mobile device.

For FFL’s this program is highly useful as an inventory control program.  It tracks profit and loss automatically.  It gives the user options to track items as personal firearms and consignment sales.   It sorts your information the way you want it.  It also prints reports to Excel format.

The range log offers simple distance and round count for your weapon as well as a full IDPA tracker.  You can keep scores, dates, penalties, times etc.

Documents can be scanned and added to the firearm’s history (I.E. bill of sale).

Maintenance logs are available for any work or changes made to the gun and cost involved.

Track not only your reloading data but all of your components on hand and used in reloading.

MyGunDB is truly all a shooter could want in a tracking program for his firearm needs.  That being said the programmer is constantly finding ways to improve it.  Currently such ideas as a UPC software are being added to the program so that basic information can be propagated by scanning.

The creator of MyGunDB is amazingly responsive and has a passion for his work.  I assure you, as good as this program is, it will only get better.  He will find new and innovative ways to provide us with services we didn’t know we wanted but soon won’t want to live without.

You can try the program for up to 10 guns free at www.mygundb.com.   You won’t be disappointed.


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