Kimber Solo 9mm

This is Kimber’s entry in the pocket rocket category. The Solo came to the market with great fanfare followed by moderate disappointment. The Solo is an attractive 1911ish styling in double action only. The weapon is kept light with an aluminum frame (at least on the version I shot).  It’s reasonably accurate with a fairly good trigger. I was a little concerned with the amount the barrel can move when the slide is locked back but it seems the concerns were unfounded. As may be expected the light weight and small size lead to a snappy shooting experience.
Sadly, the reports you’ve heard about the Solo’s finicky eating habits are true. The owner of the Solo told me he has to buy only high quality ammo with heavier grain bullets from Hornady it he wishes to avoid feed problems.  It’s a pretty little gun but with the ammo issues size and weight I think I will stick with the far cheaper Kahr CM series.
One thought on “Kimber Solo 9mm”
  1. Yes, me too…Solo problems. Constant jamming, it has been at Kimber for a month, I have heard nothing. My Sig P238 working fine from the day I bought it!!!

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