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@LaserAmmoUSA T.A.S. sight (MSRP $89) – @ChuckTacoronte

T.A.S. (Tactical Aiming Solution) is an innovative rear pistol sight developed for entry work and tactical applications in Israel. The sight is designed to completely replace the need for a front sight on your sidearm. This is accomplished by a thin fiber optic housed in the back of an aircraft aluminum shroud, viewable only through a center porthole-like window. The separation distance and small size of both the window and fiber optic make the glowing dot visible only when properly aligned. The result is a point and click, quick acquisition sight that requires zero thought. The TAS is much like a glowing ghost ring. The sight may be seen as less accurate than traditional sights in a bullseye shooting situation due to the sight eclipsing the bull, but when engaging a man sized target across a room in questionable lighting, it does the job.My first thoughts on this sight were based in simple geometry. Based on the angles, there’s no reason this shouldn’t work.Now, having used this sight extensively, I can say it’s not the sight for me. First, I shoot bullseye, the put the dot on what you want to hit doesn’t work when the dot is relatively larger than the bull in your sight picture, eclipsing your whole objective. Second, I shoot a lot. The sight picture I have trained into my psyche is iron. I have to think more with a new sight and it doesn’t work as well for me. It should be noted, I don’t shoot as well with a laser either.This doesn’t mean I think less of the TAS. On the contrary, I see an amazing future in this sight. There are so many applications that will improve a great many things in the firearm world.As it stands, the TAS does provide a quick and simple combat aiming solution. It provides a more basic aim point for a first time shooter lending to early success and a potential lifetime of shooting later. The sight is very low profile and practically snag proof for CCW use. Unlike a laser there are no batteries to die in your time of need. While fiber optic sights require some light to function the TAS does well in less than ideal lighting. Also, I’ve tested with a tactical light held at the FBI recommended 45 degree angle and found the sight highly visible.What truly excites me is the potential future for the TAS. Right now Laser Ammo is upgrading the figure 8 “J sight” to the “TJ” which combines tritium with the original fiber optic of that sight. First I see a future addition of tritium inside the TAS to make it a true night sight. Then I would one day hope to see this sight integrated into the slide of pocket sized weapons. No front sight, no rear sight standing above the slide just a small porthole in the back of the slide with a glowing dot inside. Then you truly have a snag proof weapon.In conclusion, the TAS is everything Laser Ammo says it is and potentially a lot more. I recommend you keep an eye on this company for great things to come.


2 thoughts on “Laser Ammo T.A.S. Sight”
    1. The TAS sight is what I would call a combat sight not a target sight. It’s made to be simple, quick and to hit man sized targets.

      That being said, I didn’t really put it to a longer test. The range I shot was outside legal defensive range in Va so I felt it was good to go. I would say I could hit longer shots easily enough but it helps if those targets are the afore mentioned man sized.

      The issue is with longer range it becomes more difficult to be sure you are holding the dot dead center rather than just seeing it. Closer range allows the ability to see the dot in the circle to be good enough to hit.

      I hope this helps. It’s all about the work you do with it. If you want to clear a home or breach a crack house it’s good. If you want to shoot bullseye I would say no.

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