LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Target Trainer with LT-PRO (MSRP $292.00) – @Poppie61

When Laserlyte sent me this set of items to review I was very excited,having explored producing a similar product myself some years ago.  I will tell you now it was better than expected.  The targets are small, forcing accuracy in your training.  They have 2 modes on and reaction time mode.  In the on position you simply have a pair of targets that react to the red laser cartridge and momentarly show your point of impact.  In reaction time mode the targets randomly active on a 3-7 second cycle and allow you 3 seconds to accurately engage the target.  With both targets in different corners and elevations across a greatroom this can get challenging with a holstered weapon.  That’s right, this set allows you to safely practice firing from the holster or even quick draw in your home without the expense of ammo or the cleanup.  You can choose to buy a caliber specific laser trainer or the universal LT-PRO to pair with the system.  My choice is the pro as I have many different guns to choose from and each should get trigger time.  I will warn you, with the choice of the LT-PRO comes the need to buy snap caps for your weapon.  But that is a small price to pay.  The caliber specific cartridge is recommended for holster and quick draw drills but in my experience the LT-PRO will do the job just as well if it is adjusted properly.  Finally my main concern with the LT-PRO upon seeing it was; will this work with my snubnose?  The answer was yes.  The LT-PRO works with barrels as short as 2″ though I have used it on a slightly shorter gun without issue.  It’s all in the adjustment.  A great set of gear from a great company, it will pay for itself.


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