LaserMax Genesis Laser

Ok I will admit, it took me a little while to come around to the idea of plugging up my gun at night.  That’s right the LaserMax Genesis is a rechargeable laser!  The laser comes with a built in battery good for approximately 300 charges.  That doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize it only needs to go on the charger about once a month.  That means 300 charges has the potential to last you 25 years!  That’s pretty impressive.

As it turns out the laser itself is pretty impressive as well.  The Genesis is a rail mounted green laser with a single strobe setting. I have said before that I prefer a solid laser to a strobe but I better recognize the advantages at this point.  The strobe saves battery life as everyone know but in bright light situations it’s clear the strobe laser is slightly more visible.  I’ve also noticed, not all green lasers are the same, in color.  The LaserMax Genesis is a little more on the yellow end of the green spectrum when compared to another high quality green laser.  I’ve noticed the combination of color and strobe make the laser more visible in direct sunlight.  While the visible range is not very long a usable laser at 10 yards in direct sunlight is unheard of, until now. IMG_4384

From a functional standpoint, the laser mounts to any picatinny rail and offers two possible attachment points to adjust to fit even subcompact weapons.  The laser is, of course fully adjustable and easy to sight in.  There is an activation button on both sides of the laser in easy reach of the trigger finger for right of left handed shooters. IMG_4397

Upon range usage, accuracy was very quickly improved and with repeated firing it is obvious the laser is holding zero as the grouping stays very tight for the duration.  In such a setting, be prepared to be noticed because everyone in the room can see your aim point and how much your shake.   Someone will always ask which laser you’re using.IMG_1542

The only caution I can think to give a potential buyer; LaserMax recommends charging the laser once per month.  This is necessary as the charge will wane with or without use over that time. IMG_4396

In the end, I’ve be very impressed by this laser.  The beam seems smaller than others, but the intensity is awesome.  Great job LaserMax!



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