Nightstick NSR-9614 Duty Light

Having worked with Nightstick on a few different occasions now I must say I have come to expect a high level of performance and craftsmanship when looking at their products.  The NSR-9614 Duty Light does not disappoint.  The 9614 seems to have been designed with a single purpose in mind; make the Streamlight Stinger obsolete.  The 9614 is constructed from rugged aircraft aluminum that provides a 2 meter drop rating, a corrosion resistant waterproof casing and if needs be a weapon that will put your lights out.  As a duty light the 9614 sets out to meet the specific needs of police and security professions.  There is a balance that must be achieved  between room filling lumens and long reaching candela.   Unlike the rest of us these professions actually need to go looking for trouble and at times it can be a bit of a reach.  Using the clean light of a CREE LED the 9614 provides 350 eye crushing lumens to fill any room and bathe a suspect in those up close situations, such as approaching a vehicle.  At the same time it gives 24100 candela to adequately handle search situations.  There is also the 200 lumen strobe function to disorient when the need comes.  The whole package runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides an amazing 4.25 hours of runtime on high setting.  Of course there is medium and a very conscientious low setting as well giving up to an astounding 32.5 hours of light if needed.  It’s quite a nice piece of equipment that should be considered by every law enforcement community.  It provides the same or better performance on every stat in comparison to the Stinger for a price tag that is about 25-30% lower.  On top of that difference in price you get, a lithium ion battery (not available with stinger), dual switch, fast charger and car charger at no extra charge.  All with a lifetime warranty.  Seems a no brainer to me.


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