The Pack-it Jacket was also sent along to me. Available in sizes up to 4XL and that’s exactly what I got. When was the last time you saw a light windproof, waterproof shell available in a size that big? Even better, the sleeves have velcro cuffs that make it fit my short arms just fine. It’s great. The jacket is super thin and light so I don’t get hot when I need it. The jacket cuts the wind if I need just a little something to keep me from getting cold. Best of all it’s a quick and easy way to shed the rain when I need to deal with a little weather. It has zippered front pockets, a velcro front breast pocket (large enough to act as a pseudo shoulder holster) and a huge inside pocket on each side. When its time to store it away, just ball it up and shove all of it into one of those interior pockets. It will compress to the size of an Ipad mini in a leather case. So it’s easy to keep as EDC gear and much easier to use and store than any sort of poncho.


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