Ruger Blackhawk / Super Blackhawk

A classic SA western style revolver available in many calibers including 357 magnum, 9mm, 44 magnum and 45 LC. Other models include convertibles (changing from 357 to 9mm with the change of a cylinder) and the Bisley which has a more curved grip and a flatter hammer. The difference between the Blackhawk and other western style revolvers is mainly twofold; the Blackhawk has adjustable sights and is incredibly overbuilt. These weapons are a lot of fun to shoot and plenty accurate, to the point that longer bbl versions are often used for hunting. The Ruger western style revolvers are actually my favorite 44 magnums. They are well contoured to avoid beating up your hands and they don’t sit so high that you feel like you have a flare gun in your hand. Further, I’m still quite fond of the old model “3 screw” before the safety conversation because with proper handling it’s safe enough and I like being able to use the hammer’s first position that keeps it from resting on a chambered round.


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