SCCY CPX-2 9mm (MSRP $339 as tested)

Carbon steel (Black Nitrate) finish MSRP $299
I received this weapon to test some time ago and have taken it out for test firing several times.
The CPX-2 is a subcompact 9mm with double stacked capacity of 10+1 9mm parabellum rounds (not rated for +p). The gun is a similar styling to a classic Walther PPK with a bulkier though comfortable grip. (This may be the first subcompact that people with large hands find comfortable.) The gun is a combination of steel and polymer and is a light and easy carry option.
Cons: I find the gun shoots a little high at defensive range (though it seems to be better at longer distances). The trigger is a very heavy double action only. After being used to so much single action trigger time it takes adjustment and causes fatigue with extensive firing.
Pros: The cons seem to balance each other out, while I shoot high at defensive range the tough trigger can cause you to pull the muzzle down with fast fire. The result seems to be effortlessly tagging my target at defensive range.
Another big point is durability. I’ve seen other reviews that put a crazy amount of ammo through the gun without cleaning. I, personally, barely cleaned the gun the entire time I was testing. I also fired filthy reloads and bad Russian ammo almost exclusively. The result was a very dirty gun that continued to consume everything I gave it without misfires or failures to eject. The gun functioned perfectly the whole time.
Lastly there’s the price. This little weapon gives you reliability, good capacity, light weight carry option and reasonable accuracy for under $300!
Overall, there is only so much one can expect from a gun in this price range. I would say a second magazine and extra base plates are above and beyond. I know of nothing in this price range that can come close to what SCCY offers. No it’s not a SigSauer but it’s also not $600-1200.
I’m impressed with what they’ve done and would beg anyone considering the purchase of a Jennings or HiPoint to reconsider and buy SCCY instead.


2 thoughts on “SCCY CPX-2 9mm”
  1. I like the SCCY CPX-2. well built and feels comfortable. Only complaint: the magazine springs seem to be overly strong, I had a heck of a time getting 10-rounds in the two mags without wearing out my thumb

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