Smith & Wesson Model 59 9MM

This is a 1911 clone Smith & Wesson built in the late 70’s to early 80’s.  Made in 9mm with a steel slide and aluminum frame, double stack magazine and safety/decocker/trigger disengage.  Very popular in it’s time this model was adopted by many government agencies and originally came with nylon grips and two 14 round magazines.  The sample I have was made in 1981 and saw a long history in the service of a federal officer.  I find the SA/DA trigger has a little over travel but after all these years functions very well.  The blued slide in combination with the painted aluminum frame shows a stark difference after 30 years of action.   However, a quick graphite black satin cerakote fixed that nicely.  While I find the grip to be large and uncomfortable (in double action), the accuracy is rather impressive.  All in all, with this gun in excellent shape being valued in the $400 range, it’s a valid option.




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  1. I bought this gun new likely back in the 1980’s and often carry it concealed as I have a permit to do so. What I really like is that it holds 14 bullets in the magazine and one in the chamber. If I ever needed to use this in self defense the person who I was protecting myself against might attack me if I’d fired 5 or 6 times but they likely wouldn’t expect me to have 9 more bullets remaining. I believe that I’ve never fired this; there is one spot on the black finish that’s lost its’ coloration simply by contact with my holster but the rest of the finish is as new.

  2. I also have one I also have a mod 28 Smith I bought when I was 21 for $90.00 they don’t make this gun any more

  3. I purchased my Model 59 sometime around 1971. I am interested in purchasing two new clips for it. Can you help me out?

    1. I purchased my Mdl. 59 in 1974. In all my moves since then, I have lost one of my 14 rnd magazines. Will your mags fit my 1974 vintage S&W Mdl. 59? If so, what would the 14 round mag cost me and can I purchase a 30 round magazine that can be used with my Modl. 59 in addition to the 14 round mags. Thanks in advance for your assistance. By ther way, I purchased my Mdl. 59 when I was employed as a US Border Patrol Agent. Soon after I purchased the Mdl 59, USBP banned all agents from carrying the 59. Supposedly the gun fired when it fell to the ground. And USBP banned any gun with a safety. I am retired now and I love my Mdl 59. Hope you can assist me. Thanks, Cliff Chandler

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