Smoke ‘Em Targets (MSRP 29.99-54.99) – @mbru055 & @Daniel_Moore

We looked at a few different targets from Smoke ‘Em Targets and tested the reusable canister targets as well as “Smoke On A Rope”. Both sets performed as advertised and then some. The target zones are designed to puff a cloud of colored “smoke” from the rear of the target on a hit from a 22 caliber round. If you stick to the designated 22LR round each target canister should provide you 70-100 shots of “smoke” reaction to hits. The included paperwork stated that other calibers could be used on the target but would reduce the lifetime of each smoke canister.
Upon testing I decided to try and push the targets to see what was capable of getting the reaction I was looking for and what wasn’t. In the end my findings show that your old Red Rider BB gun may shoot your eye out but it isn’t likely to evoke a colored plume from the Smoke ‘Em Target. So that little lever action model isn’t going to cut it (but I remind you Smoke ‘Em never said it would). Next I stepped up to a .177 caliber 1200 fps Winchester break barrel pellet rifle. This result was quite different. The target performed perfectly with this weapon and due to the small projectile would likely allow more rounds on target before depletion. My next attempt was with an old High Standard revolver loaded with .22 caliber Aguila Super Colibri powderless rounds. If you haven’t heard of these, they are 22LR rounds with a lighter projectile and no gunpowder. The bullet is propelled by a primer ignition alone. Therefore, very little penetration is expected (so little in fact, that instructions say not to fire from a rifle as the bullet may not exit the barrel). Again, I was happy to see that the Smoke ‘Em Targets worked flawlessly with these rounds. Finally, I also used regular 22LR rounds and got the expected result. I would expect a beautiful result with 22WMR but this was not tested due to the expected hastening of the targets depletion.
My recommendation, buy the reusable targets with or without the crazy zombie overlay and have fun teaching a new shooter. The immediate gratification with a smoking obvious hit on the target will keep them brimming with confidence and coming back for more. For the more experienced shooter I would highly recommend the Smoke on a Rope. Smoke on a Rope supplies you with 6 canisters suspended on 2 lines. The beauty of this concept is the ability to change a wooded area into a shooting gallery in mere moments. You can stand back and practice transition shooting on 6 separate targets. For a boost in difficulty throw in a shooting timer and a friend calling out colors to hit. You will increase your skill in no time. Finally, for those interested in defense, you can choose the tactical reusable target. Again get that immediate affirmation upon a perfect head or center mass shot. All in all I say these targets are a winner and can find a place at any home range. Pick them up at


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