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I first saw this product in one of my many gun magazines and, honestly, scoffed at the idea. In this case it was my wife that was the visionary. She took one look at the Sneaky Pete Holster design and was impressed by the idea of a fully enclosed and secure carry method that would hide in plain sight. She saw potential that I didn’t understand at first.
Upon receiving my samples, the first thing I noticed was an attention to detail with packaging. The holsters arrived in individually sized and fitted boxes for each holster with a soft protective nylon sack inside containing the holsters. One point for Sneaky Pete. They managed to create a good impression before I even saw the holster. Next I got that drawstring open and found a very well made, well stitched, solid and beautiful leather holster inside and out. From a visual standpoint the quality is beyond most holsters twice the price. The leather is flawless and perfectly stained on the outside and the inside is like a fine Italian wingtip. The sides are reinforced with steel inserts to maintain the shape and prevent printing. The flap is held closed by a pair of impressively strong magnets. As for the back of the holster you have the choice of belt loops or clips.
Next came fit, these holsters are EXACT in sizing. The fit to order is tight enough to retain a fully loaded weapon inverted indefinitely. This fit is important for keeping the weapon from moving or rattling while worn and of course for the afore mentioned retention. The fit also has its drawbacks, in the case of the autos I tried (in combination with my fat fingers) the draw would take getting used to. This is not a fast draw rig. Drawing from a semi-tight holster with a single finger to may take practice. To be fair, any new configuration or holster type requires a little self training. I must also point out that I found the revolver fit more to my liking. The retention remained but the cylinder space allowed me to get more of my hand on the gun for draw. The other drawback to the perfect fit comes with firearm alterations. If you changed the grips on you weapon or added a laser or even a special sight be sure to ask Sneaky Pete about fit before you order or buy.
Back to my wife’s perspective; she likes to purse carry. She found the Sneaky Pete holster to be a great comfort to her. The fully enclosed design ensured her that no errant lipstick would make its way to the trigger guard randomly. The flap also keeps the gun protected from the chaos in the bag of madness that she carries daily. She has a purse carry system that gives her an anchor point for holsters so the belt clips could be used to allow direct draw. However, that’s not the way my wife likse it. Per her opinion, the purse does not provide the resistance you need for proper draw so if she feels nervous she likes to pull the holster (any holster) out and carry it in her hand until she is safe. The difference with Sneaky Pete is, when she does this nobody raises an eyebrow because they have no idea it’s a weapon. Also, in cases where she may be digging through her purse, no onlooker will see a weapon sticking up inside. If the digging progresses to dumping things out she can again remove the holster while no one is the wiser to its contents.
For normal wear and use, as the holster was intended, it blends nicely with more formal attire. When you can’t get away with the untucked t-shirt that I wear as a uniform you need a new plan for concealed carry. It would look completely normal with a suit and tie on your side and won’t cause the comfort issues or bulges of a tuckable holster. It would work well for the opposite as well. If you live in one of the sunny coastal areas you can pop it on your belt and go shirtless without fear of disapproving eyes.
This holster lives up to the claims made by the manufacturer. I took a survey of several people; I asked what the Sneaky Pete Holster looked like to them. The Keltec P3AT size was said to be a cell phone case time after time. The larger XD9SC case was thought to be for “something electronic” a tablet perhaps. One person suggested it may be something medical. This led me to start using a different excuse. When asked what it was I could simply say “Oh, this? I’m diabetic.” Which is true and the last question asked.
In summary, the holsters live up to the hype of the company that sells them. The quality is top notch. They may have more uses than originally thought. The enclosed flap design takes no more time than lifting your t-shirt out of the way does (and is in fact the same motion). Finally, you get a new option for your CCW. It’s a nice product and well worth the price. Frankly, I’m not sure how they make a profit at this price point. You can find your version in black, brown, alligator print, clip or loop and much more at


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    1. Hi Carolyn, I will gladly share or do the research for you. Just tell me a little about what you want. IWB, OWB, Shoulder Holster, etc? If you aren’t sure maybe tell me a little about body type and I can recommend something. Feel free to use the contact us page or email

  1. Dear,

    I’m want to buy your products for my guns type CZ83. If you have ready stock could pls adv us asap.
    i’ll inform you the size of my guns.


    1. There are any number of holsters to fit the SR22 the only difficulty you may have in finding one is if you have the new 4.5″ barrel version. But if you email sticky holsters I am sure they will tell you which size to buy.

  2. Just got my holster,it is everything that I hoped for.I had been warned that the sneaky pete company was not reputable but I have had no problems and I love my holster.I recommend them for anybody serious about carrying a firearm.

  3. The CYA Holster is one of the best holsters designed for Glock 19 pistols. It is Designed to be worn inside the waistband, this OWB holster offers a perfect conceal carry solution for those people who wish to hide their guns from the public.

  4. I like the holster, however every time I take my gun out of the holster I noticed that the clip is not secured in the gun. I’m not sure why the clip is no longer secured in the gun.

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