Springfield XD Subcompact 9MM

What’s the most flattering thing I can say about this pistol? It’s the only model we own two of in the house (unless you count the recent purchase of the CM9 and CM40).  When my brother approached me for advice on my nephew’s first handgun my pick was the XD9SC.  The gun is easy to control, packed with safety features, single action trigger, accurate and cheap!  Further, in the XD line most of these guns were improved for the XDM line the XDSC was not.  I feel this is because it gives so much as it is that any upgrade would be marginal.  All around good gun, reliable and female friendly.  If you can only buy one handgun and want it to be a CCW this is my pick.  With Critical Duty ammo you have great power while still being able to practice for a relatively small ammo price.


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