Another interesting shotgun found at ShotShow this year was the SRM 1216. The 1216 is a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun with a rotating set of magazine tubes. As shown in the video below the tubes each hold 4 shells for a total of 16 in each set of magazine tubes. After each tube is emptied the action locks open and you manually rotate the magazine to the next tube which is automatically engaged as long as it is loaded. Once I had seen how easily the magazine is detached from the weapon; my immediate thought was of spare magazines. Conceivably, one could have a couple magazines tucked in the back of a belt or in a bag over a shoulder and you have a semi-auto 12 ga with the ability to put 48 rounds down range fast. With a bag that number could be much higher. I could see this shotgun tucked in a police trunk with 10 mags on standby. That’s one sore shoulder. I think its a neat concept.srm1

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