Streamlight TLR4 G

Streamlight has had a well know and tested line of lasers and weapon lights for some time now.  The TLR4 is the subcompact version of the Laser/Light combination.  This year the TLR4 G was introduced providing a universal rail mount Green Laser/Light combination for subcompact pistols.  As would be expected from Streamlight, the TLR4 G is top notch and ready to handle any bump in the night.

The TLR4 G is powered by a single CR2 lithium battery, keeping the width of the unit down in comparison to older model weapon lights such as the M5. The light provided peeks at 115 lumens which is surely adequate for any pistol encounter especially with a candela rating of 5200.  The unit provides you with the option of light only, laser only and combination modes all of which are excessively bright and very visible in a home defense setting (though difficult to  truly capture with a camera).





The green laser is vastly brighter than red laser alternatives and lends a visible and psychological advantage in a stressful situation where it may be deployed.  The mode settings are controlled by a small toggle in the bottom rear of the unit while the power is handled by a trigger-guard-hugging rocker switch that rotates clockwise for constant on or counterclockwise for momentary on settings.IMG_4419

For a go-to set it and forget it home defense option the TLR4 G is the best option I have seen.  The battery can sit for quite a while and still be reliable when you need it.  You can light up any room in the house and still see the green as bright as you can imagine (despite it’s difficulty with photos).  For me the downside is the difficulty of finding the right holster, though it should be said that the enormity of the Streamlight brand does help in the search.  To me this laser is not a EDC item it can stay on the “bedside” weapon or in the backdoor safe.  It should be side that the laser is easily removable with a coin and the one handed rail clamp design; it is necessary to be careful not to loose the insert provided to adapt the laser to your weapon if you remove it.IMG_4427[1]

As for any negatives, obviously there is the holster concern I’ve already raised. The laser being mounted below the light does affect the angle  of aim over distance. If you adjust the laser to compensate for the 2 inch offset at 15 yards you will need to expect to be aiming 2 inches higher than impact at 30 yards.  This is the trade you make for having the laser and light together.

Lastly there is the issue of battery changes.  I have found the TLR4 G gives no warning when the battery is about to die.  When the laser is engaged you will notice it begins to simply intermittently turn itself on and off.  This is the only sign that the unit is out of energy; as some point it will simply go out and stay out.  When that happens you will need to unscrew the flashlight head to replace the battery.  This is where you must exercise caution.  The treading is plastic and I have found it very easy to cross thread the flashlight head as it’s being replaced.  Be sure it’s straight before you turn too far.

Regardless, the TLR4 G is one heck of a good choice for home defense or tactical application.  Plenty of light, an impressive laser and your choice of usage.  I don’t think it will disappoint anyone out there.  If you have any reservations, they have a lifetime warranty on this product.








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