So why would a tactical company or a sporting good reviewer spend time on a messenger bag that folds in on itself? We’ve seen little rip stop bags before, heck I have one from the Baltimore aquarium. I think Tacprogear did it to make a better product. I’m talking about it because it’s a big departure from the bags you’re thinking about.

First, the obvious; packability. The bag folds in on itself and is self contained in a zippered 7×8 inch pouch. imageWhen unfolded it becomes a nice sized full zip messenger bag approx 11×19 inches. The previous storage pouch, as you may expect, becomes a zippered pocket on the inside of the bag.image

What starts to set this bag apart, it’s lined, which most of these packable items aren’t. That second layer makes this bag far stronger than the average. There’s also a Velcro closed full length pocket on both the inside and outside of the bag. All the zipper pulls are shrink wrapped. The shoulder strap is adjustable and 2 inches wide. Finally, my favorite part is the rubberized textured bottom.image Where else would you find that kind of strength and detail in a bag that folds into itself?
In the end you have a bag that takes up practically no room in your luggage but has strength enough to fill with ammo. When I was at Shotshow, I was carrying three bags at all times. I had a backpack, my camera bag and a cheap messenger bag for promotional materials. That promo material threatened to pop through that messenger bag, this bag wouldn’t have any problems. In fact it there was built in padding I could trade it for my camera bag. One thing I know for sure, it will make the trip to Vegas with me in 2016.

Tacprogear made a very convenient product.


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