Vedder Holsters ComfortTuck hybrid holster (MSRP $49.95)  

I came across Vedder Holsters on Facebook a while back and saw another company advertising a hybrid holster. What struck me was the claim to the “most comfortable” holster available. After such a claim I felt I had to follow up.
Vedder sent me a few samples to try out. I received a ComfortTuck for the Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact and a Combat Cut ComfortTuck for the Taurus Polymer Public Defender. Thus, an auto and revolver sample in both cuts. Both cuts provide a perfect fit, comfort and tuckability. The combat cut provides a slightly more available grip for a fast draw while the regular cut provides a little more sweat guard and protection for your gun.
The first thing I noticed was the feel of the back of the holster. The stiff suede finish is both soft to the touch but also textured in a way that allows some grip on clothing. Therefore it helps to hold everything in place when it makes contact with an undergarment but also works well on the skin. Next, I noticed an attention to detail that was unexpected. While Vedder uses basic steel belt hooks they back them with felt pads. This is a nice touch. The felt will be sure to provide a little extra grip on tucked fabric and softness for the hand doing the tucking. On receipt, each holster was able to maintain loaded inverted retention against gravity alone (no movement or shake) but after a couple of months of wear the holster will lose that ability. This is normal! Most inside the waistband holsters require the pressure of the belt around them for proper retention in use. While wearing I never once felt as if there was any danger of my firearm dislodging from the holster.
As for the negatives: The kydex shell is not adjustable for retention. While adjustable, changing the height of the belt hooks is difficult (requiring a hammer and an extra piece of leather provided by Vedder). There is no choice of belt hook style for deeper concealment.
The positives: This is a very comfortable holster, I continue to wear it daily because I see no need to change it back to the previous holster. The belt hooks are 4 position height adjustable on each side providing a custom ride height and cant as needed. The holster is tuckable for deep concealment. A sizable front sight channel is built in to provide snagfree draw and protect delicate aftermarket sights. The holster is very well made from quality materials and still has a price of only $50.
All in all, the Vedder ComfortTuck is a solid holster choice with a few less frills and a lot less cost. It will move to the top of my most recommended holsters. Most people don’t want to spend the extra money for a good holster after the large expenditure of a weapon purchase. Now with Vedder Holsters we can take some of the sting out of the add on expense.


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