Versacarry Holster and Heavy Duty Belt

The Versacarry “zero bulk” holster is not something that I thought would interest me originally. My concern, as a hefty person, is always protecting my weapon from skin contact and the damage my sweat will cause. From that standpoint this holster will never be the EDC for me.

That doesn’t mean the holster is a failure of any kind. In fact it’s quite the opposite. As I said, an ample sweat guard is a must for me, but that isn’t what Versacarry advertised. In fact, what they offer is a serviceable holster with zero bulk. Versacarry delivered and more.

First, let’s talk function. The Versacarry is secure, way more secure than I would have imagined. The belt clip on the holster holds the gun in place even in less than ideal conditions. The caliber specific barrel post is angled back toward the belt clip causing the already tight fitting post to apply significant diagonal pressure.IMG_7899 small This pressure coupled with friction hold the handgun firmly in place without the slightest wiggle. So in the basic function of a holster, the Versacarry covers the bases. It holds the gun securely and maintains a smooth draw.

The Versacarry excels beyond most holsters in carry position. While the holster is vertical it can still be serviceable worn strong side, appendix and cross draw. The holster an even be reversed and worn small of the back. Yes, I said reversed! The trigger guard portion can be removed and inserted from the opposite side effectively reversing the holster from right to left hand draw depending on position of wear. So it’s not just functional, it’s versatile.

So what about the “zero bulk” claim. Well there is so little to the actual holster it can be hard to tell a gun is in one. Here we have a Kahr CM40 in a Versacarry and you can barely see the holster at all.FullSizeRender small This, to me, is the real draw of the Versacarry. While I may want more in an EDC holster due to personal preference and concerns, what about occasional or emergency holsters? If you are wondering what I mean, think truck guns or a stash weapon. Some of us keep a spare handgun in places where a need may arise. If you keep a pistol in a glove compartment or console do you also have room for a holster? What about the single pistol safe by the back door? These tight spots may be a regular place to keep a gun ready but rarely can you fit a holster too. Sometimes the threat isn’t right in front of you, what if you have to grab that gun and go? Do you shove it in your waistband and hope for the best? The Versacarry is so small it will fit anywhere the gun can. Then you have an option to grab and go instead of trying to run upstairs to get the EDC weapon and wasting precious time. Another place where bulk and weight count; a packed bag. The Versacarry may be the single best option for a bug out or get home bag that I’ve seen. These bags are packed to the gills to cover all possible needs so the extra space and lack of weight comes in handy and it’s a far better option than going without a holster.

Versacarry also sent along an extra heavy duty double ply carry belt with the holster. Before you think that the holster works well because I had the belt, I tried the holster with multiple belt options and it was fine with all of them. But there is something to be said for a purpose built belt for carrying a handgun. These belts are very well made with the fine finish, double thickness and handsome stitching. I actually used it as a dress belt during a more upscale function while I was testing things out. Another nice feature, it has a removable bucket so you can customize it to your liking, or squeeze an extra inch or two out of it with the right buckle. But for me it was fine the way it came. For anyone that carries an EDC weapon , you know a decent belt is a must. You almost have to go with a heavy leather option of some kind for it to have the strength to carry the gun without sag or distortion and even then over time most develop a dip on the carry side as they stretch over time. The strength of the double ply makes me confident that the Versacarry belt will provide many years of service. As it stands there isn’t even a hit of sag. Also the belt is offered in sizes up to 50 inches. It’s hard enough to find a decent heavy belt these days but in that size it’s very difficult. But perhaps they noticed the hole in the market and that’s why we get this product from Versacarry.

All said I had a very pleasant experience with the Versacarry products and can see them satisfying a number of need others would fail to fulfill.




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  1. I am looking for a versacarry holster for my shield and a belt to go with it.
    Mike Rawlingsmike M

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