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4 weeks ago
Wildly effective ammunition! Best expansion I’ve found. Love @gorillaammo
1 month ago
Still so sexy!

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I promised you something sexy. Here it is, the @krudoknives Dao!

Louis Krudo was showing off this design at shotshow 2016 and it stole my heart. The knife is…
1 month ago
DON’T BE FOOLED by misleading headlines. These creeps haven’t backed down. You can’t confiscate guns if you don’t know where they are. So, get them registered. You can confiscate them later. It’s all part of the…
1 month ago
It’s no secret, I have never been a Glock fan. But I like the 45.
Now Glock unveils the 44 in .22 caliber. Any interest in a trainer for the Glock 19?
Personally, I am not loving the idea of an oversized .22 with…