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16 hours ago
Tick, Tock... Come on Monday! I need that special trigger time. #shotshow #industryday #2A
1 day ago
Liking this heavy duty @explorer_cases 5117 case. I decided to cover foam w/felt to start laying out patches from companies involved in the build. I need Homeland Guns, @FabDefense @ErgoGrips @IndianCreekDes @BLACKHAWKPG @aero_precision , @SylvanArms & @LaserMax_Inc patches gun_carry photo
7 days ago
@wildkidcurry If you don't know, the reason Pincus has issues is he does a bunch of odd position shooting that leads to limp wristing. That's why he likes striker fired guns. But 5" models tend to do ok. I figure you can only expect a machine to work when operated as designed...