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2 days ago
RT @NickForVA: I fought to protect my country as a Green Beret.

As Delegate, I fought against special interests to preserve our liberty a…
4 days ago
Not bad for approximately 130 years old. 22 Cal…
5 days ago
@BillySt76696194 No issue. Just making sure we're on the same page. Sometimes it's easy to misunderstand intent in writing.
6 days ago
@BillySt76696194 The AR was designed to take the enemy off the field with two soldiers carrying him, 3 instead of 1 because he's wounded not dead. .223 is a 22 caliber, just extra powder. Lastly ARs aren't battle weapons. Thats the m16 or m4 as they are fully auto capable.
1 week ago
WTF? How stupid are these writers? So a shotgun and a .38 revolver are less lethal than a .22 caliber AR15 that was really designed to wound more than kill on the battlefield? What...