American Built Arms Company 3rd Annual Media Day

The folks at American Built Arms Co. have never failed to impress. Though the past years have been more humble in their setting, the gear has always been impeccable. In year one, we traveled to hidden start-up range to shoot the Mod X rifle platform at 300 yards. The rifles were great. The technology in the Oakwood Controls Target systems blew us away. Dead Air silencers opened our eyes to the wonders of multi-caliber suppressors. You can see that article here. In year two, we returned to returned to the least populated part of Virginia to shoot the Mod X Gen 3 chassis at a whopping 600 yards. The day seemed as hot as the inner most ring of hell but we still had a great time. AB Arms had managed to improve on a rifle design that I already found to be unstoppable in it’s ease of accuracy. They set us up at 600 yards and we knocked them down. The rifles were awesome, Oakwood Controls provided instant feedback and we were introduced to the devastation that is Gorilla Ammunition. Read more here. This year AB Arms outdid themselves. The 3rd Annual Media Day took place in northern West Va. I had a bit of a drive and practically no cell service. I wasn’t sure if my GPS would even get me to the location. The address and facility name were a complete mystery to both Mapquest and Apple maps. Where was I going? Luckily, Google maps found the […]

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