Etymotic GunSport Pro 15 Electronic Hearing Protection.

Etymotic GunSport Pro 15 Electronic Hearing Protection. I first saw the name Etymotic on floor 1 at Shotshow 2015. I had a brief conversation with a representative and really didn’t appreciate the product I was seeing. A month or two passed and I got a set of GunSport Pro 15 earbuds in the mail. It was obvious right away that Etymotic covers all the bases. I opened the seemingly too big box to find every possible earbud tip, type and size possible, cleaning tools and materials, a protective case for carry and a lanyard to keep the buds together and avoid loss. Right away the contents exceed expectations. There is something included in the box to fit every user. It’s as close as you are going to find to a custom fit from anything outside of an audiologist’s office. After finding my fit, I’ve never looked back. So lets talk features and use. The GSP15s use hearing aid batteries (#10). This allows the earbuds to be tiny and lightweight for comfort and prolonged use. The downside is in the battery itself, the zinc air batteries will begin to die the moment you removed the tab/seal from the battery to install it. There is nothing that can be done about it. You will get up to 2 weeks of use from a pair of batteries. You may be able to extend the life slightly by opening the battery door and replacing the sticker tab on the battery between uses. This means […]

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