Tavor Updated: IWI Reveals The X95 At ShotShow2016

I don’t know how you feel about the IWI Tavor but for me it’s on my short list of serious wants and possible needs for the Charlton Heston “Cold Dead Hands” scenario.  I have loved the very idea of that rifle since it emerged from Israel.  I find its bullpup design very attractive, coupling the full size barrel and short overall length.  I’ve heard the arguments against the rifle; “the trigger linkage causes an inherently bad trigger” and “if there is a catastrophic failure, you face is resting on the danger zone”.  Well, I say if the Israeli military can rely on this puppy it’s not going to blow my face off.  As for the trigger, I have shot the gun with this issue in mind and found the argument to be silly.  For my purposes and the combat design for which it was intended the trigger is fine.  I can be plenty accurate with it as it stands. But, as it turns out, the rifle I was so pleased with has gotten a makeover and IWI took notes from the consumer market to create the X95.  The new version of the Tavor gives us so much more that I didn’t know I wanted, until now.  First, you will all be pleased to hear the trigger was addressed.  The previous Tavor carried a 10 lb trigger, the weight of which likely caused most of the complaints.  The trigger pull has been reduced to a very manageable 6 lbs.  After only […]

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