Looking for some ideas for small last minute items for the shooter in your life?

bandanasColter Co. Bandanas– they are great for EDC or the prepper in your life, take up no extra space and provide important information to get you out of a jam.


img_1573Frog Lube– it’s the best gun cleaner and protectant I’ve used. Just be sure to use a degreaser first, it’s petroleum free and doesn’t play well with oil.


img_1574Real Avid Scraper Tool– the best little extra for cleaning carbon from every part of your AR-15. It just makes life easier.


img_1577Real Avid Smart Mats– find one for your model handgun or rifle and the field stripping instructions are printed on the oil resistant mat and one side has a magnetic compartment to help you hold on to those tiny parts.


img_1575Real Avid Pistol Tool– just about all you need to disassemble or adjust your 1911 and any laser on board, all in one place.


GunCarry10 CodeEZ2C Targets– the best paper targets on the market. Any style you need, including some great training targets.


IMG_3918Nightstick MiniTac 210– a great little flashlight. Lots of power in a small size at a small price.

The Self Defense Fund– get $1,000,000 in legal defense for any self defense situation with a coverage cost of $12.50 a month. Maybe buy the first month for a friend or family member.

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