Nighthawk Customs is well known for top notch 1911s that can stand with any guns on the market today. Nighthawk has a quality version of nearly every variation of 1911 available; Government, Commander, Officer, Bobtails, etc. All of those weapons are tight, beautiful, crisp and everything else you may want. Of course that quality comes at a price.IMG_5297-web

Now Nighthawk has decided to expand that excellence to a new (old) platform. In 2016, Nighthawk has started to produce their own line of Browning HiPower. The venerable HiPower is known to be one of the strongest 9mm platforms ever built. It was the only pistol you could rely on to take hot loads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The HiPower was +P before there was a +P.

Now you can own a HiPower that is as beautiful on the outside as we all know it to be on the inside. The Nighthawk Customs HiPower feels tight and the action is smooth as you would expect. The front strap, back strap and the top of the slide are all hand stippled and the front sight bead is 24kt gold. Best of all, the trigger is enough to make you giggle with each pull. It’s absolutely fantastic and I expect many will run to pick one up.


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