Kahr Arms CM40 40 Caliber S&W

This little pocket rocket is a less expensive version of the PM models that Kahr has had out for a while now. The CM is very much a shortened CW model. The differences between the PM and CM are all internal. The main difference is a lessor version of the rifling in that tiny barrel. Another difference is that the CM only comes with a single magazine.
Let’s talk about firing the weapon. First there is no safety built into this weapon. My feeling is safety means keeping your finger off the trigger. So I am fine with that situation. The triggers Kahr arms use are a bit of a hybrid. The are listed technically as DAO but the trigger doesn’t reset unless the slide cycles. So in that respect it is more of a single action trigger with a long travel. The trigger travel is sort of its own safety measure because while there is a lot of travel there isn’t much pressure needed. The trigger feels very light when compared to things like the standard 8.5lb S&W DAO. So you take aim, travel for days and then there is an explosion in your hand.
Suddenly, you realize the basics are important. If you were using a good tight grip, you got a nice accurate shot and learned the definition of snappy. If you were a little loose your CM40 is on the ground behind you. The recoils is substantial but manageable. I kept it tight with my grip and my group. I am pleased. My wife on the other hand will be picking up the CM9 instead as it is much more controllable for her and quicker on follow up shots.
My only disappointment is the standard Kahr i style sights. I am not a fan of the line and dot sight. I would much rather have a 3 dot. All in all it’s a smoking deal for $349 plus tax at today’s gun show.


2 thoughts on “Kahr Arms CM40 40 Caliber S&W”
  1. I love my CM9 and it loves hollow points, but rn fmj will ride up under the feed ramp and jam sometimes. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing or if it’s not broken in yet, it has approx 300 rounds through it.

    1. With 300 rounds it is through the break in period by now. I’ve not had the feed issue you speak about but would suggest you dismantle the magazine and check the front leg of the follower. There was a known issue with the breaking. If that happened,even a crack could cause a misfeed. If it actually breaks it may not function at all. If it is the follower Kahr will replace it with the updated version free and quickly. 1 of the 3 we bought had that issue but we didn’t try HPs in it.

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