Secret advice for ANTIGUN activists- a way for you to win.

-By Gun_Carry

I always say the quickest way to get a guy to stop shooting pool is to buy him a table. You see a couple things happen. First, now you have a table why would you pay to play pool anywhere. So you don’t shoot when you are out anymore. Second, now that you have it and practice alone a bit and only ever really play when someone comes to visit, it loses some of it’s magic. It’s not so special anymore.

Well all you antigun people think about what you are doing. You scream “ban assault rifles” (even though there is no such thing and what you mean is ban scary black rifles that go bang every time you pull the trigger) and what happened? Everyone ran out and bought all the AR’s they could find. So you screamed “ban high capacity magazines” (though you called the “magazine clips” which is just silly), so we bought as many spare mags as were on the market. You screamed “close the gun show loop hole” (that didn’t exist either by the way, you see a private citizen can sell property to another private citizen anywhere he wants with no paperwork, a dealer has to do the same paperwork and background checks no matter where he sells) and we gave more business than ever to gun shows. We fill all of them to capacity. Now you want to say close the online loophole. Again it doesn’t exist and we will likely have more gun related stuff on the internet than ever because you suggested it must stop. As a matter of fact, are you sure you don’t work for the gun industry? You sure are good for business.

So here’s some advice. Treat this like that pool table, or alcohol in Europe (all you guys adore Europe, right?). Remove all restriction from weapons. Open the fair market. If you can afford it you can buy it. Pretty soon maybe guns won’t be such a big deal. Maybe we won’t feel the need to have all of them for fear you want to take them. Maybe some of the magic will fade when you stop threatening the constitution and actually follow it.

If you want to stop the gun craze, give us what we want, a right to bear arms that shall not be infringed. If we could trust in that law being held sacred guns would just be objects and not symbols. No big deal, and maybe the resulting changed would make your life better too.

Now go get ’em, tiger! Tell your congressmen you changed your mind, you know, for the children.


Originally Posted February 26, 2014


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