Taurus Polymer Public Defender 45 LC/.410

The reduced size/weight version of the popular judge line.  While the weight reduction is significant from the all steel 3″bbl and magnum sizes it is actually 1 oz heavier than the titanium ultralight version.  In my opinion the extra oz is worth the great aggressive look.  In case you are wondering, the recoil is very manageable even though the grip is shortened significantly.  While I have also owned the larger 3″ bbl magnum design I have found this version outshoots it’s big brother every time. The fiber optic front sight is a nice addition. All versions of the judge shoot accurately with the 45LC rounds so the difference is decided by shot shells. Of all the ammo I have tried in these weapons the Winchester PDX1 shells are the best by far.  Given the choice the 2.5″ shell outshines the 3″ shell because .410 ammo does not receive more powder in the 3″ shell just more shot. So the longer shells tend to have less velocity and poor grouping. The 2.5 inch shells move faster and put the buckshot in a tight group while throwing the BBs wide. Having said this you gain nothing shooting the 3″ shells. If this is the case the poly judge shoots the best of the ammos while cutting size and weight. I don’t see the downside. If you want to own an offhand gun this is my choice. I find the DeSantis speed scabbard to be the perfect holster for this weapon.  At $400 this is my pick in 45/410 handguns.


4 thoughts on “Taurus Polymer Public Defender 45 LC/.410”
  1. I agree entirely with your findings. I love my new Taurus Judge 2.5 polymer. I am searching for the inside of the belt holster pictured in this article. The holster that you recommended comes up different with an image search. I was wondering if the pictured inside the belt black holster is in fact a Desantis speed scabbard? Thanks for any info. Great Info.

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