Walther PPKs 380 ACP

What can you say about the classic sidearm of 007?  Well for me it was my first carry weapon when I turned 21.  I chose the PPKs because it was a fantastic fit for my smaller hands and short fingers.  The upside to this weapon is all steel reliability and durability.  The weapon will fire when you need it every time.  When I bought mine in 1996 I was very proud to have it and considered it a great carry option due to safety features like a built in de-cocker, double/single action trigger options and a 7+1 capacity.  Today the story is different.  This classic is no longer in my possession because it has become a bit of a relic in the last few years.   In a world where Kel-Tec and Ruger offer up polymer options that are a fraction of the weight and a size you can hide in the palm of your hand with the same or similar capacity, I don’t see a place for the Walther any longer.  While these smaller options don’t provide single action triggers or safeties I feel the trade is more than worth it for greater concealability and reduced weight.  My experience with the PPKs showed it was capable of passable accuracy but nothing that would negate the tradeoff mentioned above.  The niche for this pistol is with collectors and new shooters.  The collectors will want them for the icon they are.  The new shooters may like the size and weight and safety features for the soft shooting comfort of a small caliber with mass.  However, I would recommend the Sig P230 or P232 instead as it is a virtual clone with FAR greater accuracy.


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