Standard Manufacturing came to SHOTShow with something new to show off, and they brought a rake.  They call it the DP-12.  I assume it stands for double pump 12 gauge.

The DP-12 is a bullpup double barrel 12 gauge pump shotgun.  That’s right double barrel pump.  Each time you pump the action it loads two side-by-side barrels from two side-by-side magazine tubes holding a sum total of 16 rounds. That means each time you fire you need to pull the trigger twice and empty both barrels before pumping.  That means a little retraining for us pump guys so we can learn the correct cadence for the gun.  But once you have it down, it can sound almost full auto.  In the video below the person shooting is firing this weapon for the first time.

What was the rake for?  To pull the mountains of shells away from the shooters so they don’t clog up the shooting lane.



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