While at SHOTShow 2015 I came across a few items I would like to share with all of you.  Each is quite innovative and surprising in it’s own way and I feel each will be likely to be looked over by many publications because they aren’t guns.

1) Seek Thermal

This is a very cool little gadget I ran across at range day and hope to bring to you in a full review at some point.  This tiny $200 device plugs into your smartphone and with the help of a free application transforms your phone into a fully functioning thermal imaging camera!  It has multiple settings and allows you to snap photos at will.  You can see what made that sound in the dark without revealing yourself with a flashlight.  That is a really fun product.


2) 22 LR Reloading kit

So when was the last time you played with a red roll of caps and a lone ranger revolver?  Well dig them out of the closet because you won’t believe what you can do with them.  This may be a sad commentary on ammo prices today but I guess it was bound to happen at some point.  This kit allows you to mold 2 different size 22 caliber bullets.  You then use a small tool to clean out the used rim of the spent 22LR brass.  Then using crushed caps from a toy cap roll or the tips of strike anywhere matches you add the combustible dust to the brass with a drop of acetone pack the rim with the same tool you used to clean it and let it dry.  Then you are ready to add powder, your freshly molded bullet and crimp the round.  You now have a new 22LR reload.  22 WMR is coming soon.

22 reloader

3) Leatherman Tread

Leatherman is about to release a wearable tool for all my buddies that like to prepare.  It is a stainless steel bracelet with a watch like closure on the bottom.  The entire band is filled with bits of all types and hex holes of differing sizes for a total of 25 tools.  I tried it out and you would be shocked at how much leverage you can get on this tool.  Retail is expected at $160 and there may also be a watch version.

Leatherman Tread

4) A Beeman Air Rifle Passion Project

How many of your know your history?  Did you know Lewis and Clark took an air rifle on their journey?  Did you know it was a 45 caliber?  Ok stop now and go google it.  It’s fascinating, and a wonder we still continued down the gun powder path.  So how come we are stuck with .177 and .22 air rifles today?  Well, my new friend Jerry Ream at Beeman has a passion project that will be coming to market soon.  He has a working prototype of his “40 caliber air rifle”.  That’s right I said 40 caliber.  But that’s not quite right since they are using the projectile from a 210 grain 41 magnum cartridge.  So to me that would be a 41 caliber air rifle.  WOW.  I was blown away.  So what can it do?  How about 800 fps and over 300 foot lbs on target?  Astounding!

By the way, rumor has it that Dr Beeman owns the original Lewis and Clark air rifle.  Coincidence?





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