Government abuse and the failure of the rule of law.
-By @Gun_Carry

The media and the current administration are waging an ongoing war on our own constitution. Given the general oath of office requirement “to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” I personally feel these actions are by definition Un-American and treasonous. I personally feel there are long prison sentences awaiting many of our public officials the next time the political pendulum swings. I have long stated the bloated federal governed should be cut down to a constitutional standard, leaving no more bureaucracy than is necessary to execute the duties laid out in our founding documents. I have argued the real power belongs in the hands of the people at a state and local level. Sadly, it seems, trickle down corruption is destroying even that dream in the land of opportunity.

While a good example of the undermining of local America may be the placement of Rahm Israel Emanuel to his mayoral position (Yes, it’s an ironic name given his leftist views, he would never seriously support his namesake); or perhaps one would site the progressive subversion of the educational system from the ground up; my concern today is something so vile there should be no party lines remembered.

It seems our top executive has set an example of ignoring an breaking the law. This insidious disdain for the bedrock of our society has now started hitting us at home where ethics can no longer be defined but the very people we expect to enforce the law. Two stories emerged this well that should chill every citizen to the bone.

The first story takes us to Chesterfield Va where arrest quotas have been discovered by the local media. It has been confirmed that Chesterfield police have a mandate of 2-3 traffic stops and 1 arrest daily! Failure to meet these “standards” carries consequences for the officer. This is a systemic, corruption that fosters a “Big Brother” environment fraught with false arrest. Incentivizing officers to make arrests insures the eventual finding of law breakers even in places that non exist. At some point it is guaranteed that a desperate officer needing to meet his stats will falsify events to justify his job. Obviously, this won’t be every officer. But such a quota does bring a question of legitimacy to the actions of all the Chesterfield police officers. This practice is wrong and should frighten the citizenry involved and open the eyes of other communities. What is your local law enforcement promoting behind your back?

Sadly, the actions of Chesterfield police department are mild when compared to the other story this week. Reports surfaced about Durham NC police being discovered faking 911 calls to gain access to private homes and make arrests. The police have been found to claim a 911 hangup was made from the residence and once inside the officers are using evidence found inside to make arrests for charges such as possession of marijuana. This astounding violation of the 4th amendment demands charges be brought. I can only hope the ACLU will step up and fight the corrupt establishment.

Simply put, it has been a sickening week in governmental news at all levels. The Jackboots are stomping and if you listen you may hear the footsteps on your porch!



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