Kel-Tec CL-42 Tactical Light (MSRP $80) – @shortnbusty

This little light of mine… well I must say the selling point of this item is size and weight.  It’s only 4″ long and 2.6 oz.  Yet with 2 CR123’s on board it puts out an amazing 420 lumens.  The light uses the same components found in the new CL-43 with only slightly less run time.  Amazing brightness in a small package that has earned a daily carry slot next to my spare mags. I’ve carried this light EDC for over a year now.  It puts out astounding brightness and is quite the asset.  The included pocket clip is a big help.  The down side is the exposed rear switch.  The CL-42 can easily be activated unintentionally in the pocket.  This causes two problems; the wear on the batteries that leads to a dead flashlight when you need one and more importantly you may give yourself a hot foot.  The light heats up to the point of being a fire hazard in your cargo pocket.





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