Nightstick 9514 Polymer Duty Light

Nightstick sent the 9514 along to us for testing at the same time as the metal version (NSR-9614) which we reviewed quite a long time ago.  That means I have had a very long time with this light.  Over time it became a go-to all around light for me in the home. The NSR-9514 has all the perks of the 9614 but this one is polymer, and as such lighter by nearly 3 ounces.  The weight reduction is one of the reasons I continue to grab the light when I need something.  Most recently, I was on my way to a firearms auction, I grabbed a bag and tossed in my Smith & Wesson reference book and the 9514 in case I needed a good light.  The polymer also has other advantages such as a better hand feel and less temperature transfer (it’s less likely to burn or freeze your hand).  Since the cold weather kicked in, it’s found a home mounted in the pickup (I just need to remember to remove it in the summer because no battery will do well in that type of heat over time).

Overall the features of the 9514 are impressive:

  • Glass Filled Polymer housing
  • CREE LED with 3 settings plus strobe -High 350 Lumens / 24100 Candela / 313 meters -Medium 200 Lumens / 12075 Candela / 235 meters -Low 55 Lumens / 6200 Candela / 118 Meters Plus Strobe
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery delivering twice the run time of a Streamlight – High 4.25 hours / Medium 8.5 hours / Low 32.5 hours
  • Fast Charger with home and auto plugs
  • Waterproof
  • Drop Rated at 2 meters
  • Dual Switch

All of the features are provided with the one model light, no paying extra to get the quick charge, DC plug, or the Dual Switch and no NiCad battery with lesser performance.

This one is not a tactical pocket rider or a mega beam search light, this is a great all around general duty flashlight that will be right for just about any job you want.




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