@SchradeKnives SCHF10 Extreme Survival Knife: (MSRP $66.95) -won by @DawgLeroy

When I first received the SCHF10 I have to be honest I had some doubts. This knife was sort of marketed as the improved version of the SCHF9 which by many is called the best budget survival knife on the market. Therefore an upgrade is a bold claim. My biggest concern was the biggest selling point of the SCHF10. It’s made of stainless steel. Stainless in a large knife is, in my experience, a bad idea. Stainless steel is more brittle than a high carbon non-stainless and more apt to chip or snap under stress. Schrade changed my mind on this knife. I was able to put it through all the same paces I had used with other blades including shaving, chopping and batoning and to my surprise not only did I see no chipping but I retained a razor sharp blade. So what do you get in this bargain survival knife? A thick blade coated 5.3″ 8Cr13MoV high carbon stainless steel full-tang blade with an easy-to-grip Micarta handle. The micarta is nicely textured for good grip retention which is further supported by semi-aggressive jimping at the back of the blade and top and bottom of the tang. The overall size and weight of the knife are less than the other blades we’ve looked which makes pack storage more convenient. The thinner grip is more friendly to those of us with smaller fingers and may make it more attractive to female hikers and hunters. The blade shape and thickness are also more suited for skinning and detail work than some of the other blades we’ve seen. On top of all that it very corrosion resistant due to the stainless steel construction. All in all, it as very well balance blade that would be a good choice for most jobs. My only warning is I wouldn’t attempt prying as this blade is clearly not made for that purpose. Is it an upgrade over the SCHF9? I’m not willing to say that, but it is an equal blade for a different job set and climate. In the end it’s a heck of a steal for $35.33 right now on http://www.tacticalwholesalers.com/Extreme-Survivial-F10-Micarta-Handle-Black-Blade-Plain_p_83280.html


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