Smith&Wesson Model 10 .38 special

The S&W Model 10 is a classic double action revolver with an inadvertent history that made Smith&Wesson the powerhouse it is today. The Model 10 is my favorite pick for training a new shooter after the initial rimfire experience. In it’s most common 4 inch barrel design the gun shoots like a dream, is highly accurate and has very little recoil. I’ve trained females from age 12 to 85 with this revolver and never fond a student that didn’t fall in love with it. The perfect smooth function of this model is the reason S&W has the reputation for such great revolvers. While they don’t have high monetary value, they are priceless to most who have trained and relied on them.
As for it’s funny history; S&W took a one million dollar contract to supply the British with submachine guns during WW2. Unfortunately, S&W failed to realize the British version of the 9mm round was more potent than the American version. Upon failed testing the Brits came calling for their money back, which was spent. In exchange, S&W provided a large number of .38 revolvers to be used as sidearms for the troops. This revolver became known as the Victory model and later became the Model 10. It’s great proven effectiveness in the war led to soldiers bringing the beloved revolver home. The gun soon became adopted by most police departments in the US and civilians followed the trend. Thus the Model 10 made S&W the company it is today.


My 12 year old niece on her first day learning to shoot using an early Model 10
My 12 year old niece on her first day learning to shoot using an early Model 10


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