Smith&Wesson Model 60 Ladysmith 

In this modern configuration the Model 60 is a 5 shot snub nose .357 in stainless steel with attractive wood finger groove grips.  The gun is made with concealed carry in mind, which is the main reason for the low profile plain jane rear sight.  On the upside, the weapon has all the accuracy and quality you’ve come to expect from a Smith&Wesson revolver. The gun feels great in the hand. The factory trigger is smooth and pleasant. The hammer pull is light in comparison to other brands in this category. Functionally, the weapon is as easy and good as it gets. It doesn’t take an expect to run this one. However, even though it’s an all steel revolver it doesn’t have the mass to dampen the massive recoil of a .357. The recoil coupled with the wood grip makes it punishing to the hand. Even though the grips feel nice and look good I would recommend a hogue tamer to make it more comfortable to shoot. It’s funny that Smith&Wesson would market this configuration to women without providing some sort of recoil buffer for a more delicate hand.
I personally, have a sickness that draws me to recoil. My recoil addiction makes me truly fond of this  version of the Model 60.
The Model 60 can also be found in a 3 inch bbl version with rubber grips and adjustable rear sights. This would be my choice. I find the extra barrel length a big asset while still being small enough to be concealable.
Older versions of the Model 60 were chambered in .38 special and were the stainless steel version of the 36 “Chief’s Special”.

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