Steel Will Knives Censor 1320
I saw my first Steel Will knife at ShotShow 2015 and unfortunately it was behind glass at the time so all I could do was look. Luckily SteelWillKnives decided to send a Censor from their Urban line for us to get a closer look. I was told the concept was a set of knives for concealed carry and when you get it in your hands you see it’s very well suited.
When the Censor arrived Steel Will Knives made an overwhelmingly positive impression before I even saw the knife. The packaging was truly a display and imparts a sense of quality and care. Looking through the box you find the knife with a multi-positional kydex sheath and the hardware to connect it to a very nice hinged, lockable and adjustable belt loop. imageThe sheath can be attached in nearly any position and adjusted for a snug fit that locks in place for absolute security.  Inside the open belt clip, you can see, the space provided for belt width may be adjusted by moving a spacer bar.imageThe features of the sheath really are a big selling point for me because they add a lot of flexibility to the position of wear. In the case, the position is nearly horizontal.image
On to the main event, the knife itself. A quick look will show you multiple unique features in handle and blade. As for the grip, you can see a pistol grip shape was chosen for this line.

My first thought was to question why. What I figured out was this shape really adds to comfort an makes up for the very slim profile that allows such concealment. The curvature (plus aggressive jimping)

allows for control in a forward grip and in a reverse grip adds some leverage for slashing. While the design may not be a traditional karambit, it does share a lot of functional structure. The grip lends leverage and this particular blade design’s straight back and recurve belly lend a bit of the “claw” affect to the knife.

 Also, while in a reverse hold, the triangular pommel lends a beautiful striking surface for ridge-hand strikes.image

As for the blade, there is a solid combination of form and function. The concave blade shape and deliberate placement of jimping allow for absolute control with small tasks like shaping and shaving wood (feather sticking) while providing a significant forward edge for defense. When I tell you these blades are sharp, you almost have to experience it or yourself to understand. The more I deal with better knife brands the better the edge seems to be on arrival. It’s getting harder to impress me with sharpness but this blade did. It was something to behold and even after months of occasional use it retained a heck of an edge. This one’s not for prying or woodwork it’s made for a fight if you need it and it will perform well I am sure.

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