Sun Optics USA Electronic Micro Sight

My marketing firm friends recently called me about the Sun Optics USA brand and asked if I would be interested in looking at some of the offered line up. I’m always open to new products and ideas so I took a look at the website. I do much of my work on my phone and accessories rather than the full blown desktop and was immediately wondering because it was less than stellar mobile optimization for the website. Regardless I made a list of a few items I may be able to use or at least demonstrate. A few weeks went by and a box arrived.

When I took a look at the SunOpticsUSA gear that was sent I had some doubts about the micro dot sight they had sent. It was so compact. My thought was; maybe it will be fine as a bullseye sight for my 22 but would it be at all durable for other applications. So I decided to find out. As sometimes happens, the item I initially have doubts about turns out to be a star product.IMG_6632

At the time, I was testing some parts out for my shotgun rebuild. While I was at it I decided to add 3 sets of optics and a flashlight onto the rails and see if they could handle serious recoil.sun optics testing2 The little micro sight from SunOpticsUSA was going to be my first victim. As it turned out I fired 105 12 gauge shells that day, some birdshot, some slugs and some #4 buckshot. On shot 105 the adjustment pin for the shotgun stock sheared off from the pressure. The SunOpticsUSA micro sight continued to function. After that I put it on my bullseye rail and zeroed it in. Not one issue. I became a believer.

So now I have a 1x dot sight with five intensity settings in red or green that I can trust to hold zero while taking up less than half the room of the old dot scope.IMG_6640 I have a nice clear field of vision with multicoated lenses and the option to add a honeycomb filter to the front. I can tell you, with my particular level of skill the sight and gun are capable of more than I am. I’m quite pleased with this option.




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