The SunJack solar charger was recommended to me for a review and with my thoughts on being prepared I was intrigued. Previously, my only solar powered gear was in the form of a solar/crank emergency radio/light and charger. It was underwhelming. The components all worked but the charging was painfully slow in all respects. So when the SunJack arrived I was very pleasantly surprised by nearly everything.


I say nearly everything because the weight of the SunJack as it arrived was 2 lbs 4 ozs. The mass is surprising for the size and that amount of weight may be a little concerning depending on why and how you’re packing it.


That being said, the pack is very impressive. The overall size is  6.75″ x 9.25″ x 1.75″ which makes it about the size of an ipad in a case. The pack has a Velcro closure that reveals four sturdy solar panels that can be laid out flat in the sun or stood up in a zigzag pattern facing the sun. On the back of the outer most panel is a double usb outlet that allows you to charge your device while simultaneously charging the 8000 mAh Qualcomm backup battery. That’s enough battery power to charge up most modern phones at least twice. The size to power storage ratio is of the battery is respectable and the available dual charging ports are a big plus with one being 5V 2.4A and the other allowing the same or 9V 1.67A for faster charging.   The accessories all ride on the back of the pack in a web pouch.panel-mesh


In that pouch you will find 2 small carabiners as well. This is one of my favorite aspects of the SunJack charger. The SunJack has 7 hanger loops built into the edges of the pack. In addition to the carabiners, the loops allow the solar charger to be hung as needed where your need it. It makes the charger able to be hung on a backpack while hiking or from a cord in a tree, anything you need to get the exposure you need. Wherever it hangs, the device or battery being charged can be zipped safely in the mess pocket on the back of the charger.hanging


Of course, none of this matters if the panels don’t provide power. I can tell you I charged my iphone 6 very quickly using the SunJack and the half charged 8000mAh battery was topped off in record time. This was a whole new experience for me and eye opening in the potential of solar powered products. Other items in this genre will certainly have a whole new bar by which they are measured.


Interested? Find yours here.




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