Vedder Holsters Four Way Belly Band (MSRP $24.99)  and  

As our regular readers know, this is not the first item we’ve had from Vedder Holsters, having looked at the Comfort Tuck a few months ago.  The Four Way Belly Band was sent at the same time as the last holster we reviewed.  This gave us plenty of time to try it out.

The belly band is the favorite style of concealed carry for my wife.  I personally do not often find a need for the belly band concealment.  So for comparison sake the opinion of my wife is paramount in this review.  When she tried the Vedder Four Way Belly Band the first thing she said was “wow, this is so much more comfortable”. From someone who’s favorite style of concealment is the belly band that says a lot.  Not only is it obviously better to be comfortable through the time you wear the holster but it’s also incentive for her more often.  So in that regard the Vedder is already a winner in my book.

As for my own usage and experience.  I must agree the Four Way Belly Band is the most comfortable band style concealment I’ve tried.  I don’t often find myself in need of this type of carry but recently attended a funeral where it was necessary.  I was wearing dress clothes that have become a little large for me, which is good, but the looseness of the pants and belt prohibited a tuckable holster.  The pants wouldn’t have held up the weight, which is bad.  So I found my answer in the Four Way Belly Band.  I simply strapped it on under the dress shirt and tie with my Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact 45 resting solidly on my hip at the usual forward cant.  The Vedder holster was able to provide me with more than one kind of comfort that day.  Another use for me is yard work.  On days when I am cutting or trimming the grass I tend to wear loose basketball shorts.  They have no integrity and couldn’t hold up much more than a phone.  That’s when I put the Kahr CM40 in the Vedder and go to work.

With right or left hand carry, straight or canted, pistol or revolver this Four Way Belly Band has something for everyone.  Heck it could have 2 somethings if you want.  It’s comfortable and versatile and only  $24.99 I don’t see how you can go wrong.


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